Monday, March 06, 2006

About ME

Internet has changed the life of people all over the world so drastically that it is beyond imagination. Today without internet one cannot complete the circle of life in an urban set-up. The world wide web or "www" has casted a spell on us – the people of the world privileged to use computers and internet.

The "www" boom has not only affected and changed the outlook of professional life, its presence in personal life and arena of entertainment is equally ample. The dating sites have flourished and perhaps made the phrase "love is in air" more than true to its literal meaning. In these dating sites one has to express one’s self. Is it possible to describe a person crisply and completely in only few words? But people do that. And upon opening any dating site you be will offered glimpse of the success stories posted there. The question that naturally reverberates is whether they are true or not. But who will answer?

The "about me" section has generated people to come up with novel ideas and new style of expression to present one’s self. The language of English has altogether evolved in the age of world wide web to cater the gen-X. The words have assumed short forms and that has a tremendous impact on the language and literature in particular. Though those effects are not to be addressed yet was worth mentioning.

The main concern is how one can fit oneself in such a short space provided. And is it really one is upto what is written in "about me" section by that person? Many people say, in fact most of the people say at some informal place "perhaps you should ask my friends to know me". So they in a way express their inability to describe themselves. But it may happen at some point of time they might have attempted to do so. So naturally the question shoots out whether when the person writes should be treated or not.

I, myself personally cannot claim to describe myself completely in few words. Its probably the next to impossible task for me. Yet I admit of having some futile attempts (in yahoo and orkut) to my credit. I can straightaway say that I failed miserably. Those were some partial pictures and may be wrong to some extent even.

Human beings evolve with time. They change. They adapt to situation. So now I may behave in a certain way and that is subject to a particular situation in which I am. And if I describe or at least attempt to do so at that time I will portray myself in a specific fashion. But given another similar situation I am in with a different mindset trying to portray myself will result in a description completely different from the earlier one. So then what describes myself completely? Is not both the pieces together make-up the complete me? If so then each presented separately is not truth – right? On the moral ground should we go on describing ourself in such a small place?


Blogger shreya said...

I absolutely and COMPLETELY agree with you and I think it is a STUPID idea to try and describe yourself in a paragraph.....ridiculous idea!!!!!

3:23 PM  
Blogger Oracle said...

I envy you. I cant think of 2 lines to describe myself. So left it empty :(

4:29 AM  

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