Monday, November 06, 2006


[The old man has died and his children have come together to see what he has left for them. All they have found from the room which can be of some interest is a bit odd looking box. This box has always evoked curiosity among them but they never got to see what is inside ever before.]

Akshay : hey folks I guess now it’s the time to check what’s in this box, what ya all say?
Natasha : yes big bro lets see what dad have treasured in this?
Monica : hey Sid do u remember once you wanna see this and dad got really angry?
Siddharth : yep sis, I do and from then on I am real curious what’s inside
Akshay : guys let’s waste no more time and open this

[They open the box and a whole new world unravels in front of them.]

Siddharth : dad kept few old papers in this box huh? He must been crazy.
Natasha : hey Sid let’s see what else there is also and then we may comment.
Akshay : I guess Natasha is right. Let us just see the whole contents of the box.
Monica : Hey look. Here is one envelope and seems to have a letter inside. What’s this?
Akshay : Mon. Will you open it and read aloud for all of us?
Monica : Sure. Give me a second.

My dear Children

I know now you are all too curious to find what is inside this box. I never let you touch or open the box ever before. But today I am inviting you to look into the box and its contents. Hopefully today you will find something which you have never found before. I am no more with all of you physically and it is my last gift to you all who are my most beloved.

You will find separate letters for each of you in 4 packets in the box. Read them.


[Monica hands over the letters to each of his brothers and sister and took her own.]

Akshay (voice trembles a little) : I am opening my letter. (opens the letter)

My dear Akshay

You are my elder son and also my first child. When you will have children you will understand what it means when you first take your child in your arms. That feeling cannot be described in words. The first time I took you in my arms I whispered in your ears “I will be on your side through all your ups and downs of life till I last breathe my last.” I hope I have been able to keep my promise to you. When you were very little and just called me “dad” for the first time I thought no happiness on earth can be compared to this. It was one of the most precious moments of my life.

In the envelope you will find among the pictures one where you are dressed up like me. Taking my briefcase and standing in front of mirror trying to act like me. You thought no one saw you but I did my son. Stealthily I took this picture because I could not afford to lose this cute act of my little boy. You looked smart and confident. I knew you will do well later in life and I was happy that I proved myself right. Today I feel proud of the achievements of my son. But every time in my memory that kid with briefcase comes up.

I wish you all the best in life. You are gifted with qualities that will make you a true champion.


Monica : hey brother I never knew you used to take the briefcase of dad and copy him. It’s real cool.

Akshay : I never knew dad had so high hopes for me. I would have tried much better then to make him happy.

Siddharth : hey brother, don’t get upset. You have done well. He has written that in his letter to you.

Natasha : who’s next? I think it should be sis.

Monica : ok. (opens the letter)

Monica darling

To a father daughter is always very special. You are my angel. I always wished I have a daughter and God fulfilled my dreams with a beautiful daughter like you. From the moment you have came to my life it all changed.
The moments I cherish about you are those when you used to come to me ask me to play with your dolls with you. The way you went on imitating your mother for every move was a feast for my eyes. You were so adept in that. You will find one picture of yours where you are trying to feed the doll just like your mom used to do for you. Those moments I had with me in my last days. Recalling all those memories made you all with me.
Do you remember when Sid was first brought to home from the hospital? You were only 4 year old. But was always the one who try taking Sid in arms. Look at the other picture. You are trying to put him to sleep. It was a moment that I and your mom both were standing just at the door watching you two. It was a blissful sight to behold for both of us. Do you remember yourself trying to tell the stories to your little brother? The same stories which you have heard from me or mom.
I am happy that you remained that kind-hearted and soft-natured always. You are really my angel dear.


Siddharth : hmm. Now I know why used to feel such bad when I was put to sleep.
Monica : Sid. (almost crying but not crying yet sniffling)
Siddharth : hey sis. Don’t get upset. I didn’t mean to hurt you. (go to Monica and sit in front of him on knees)
Siddharth : You are always sweet. Please don’t cry. (put hands on Monica’s hands and try to comfort)
Akshay : it’s Natasha’s turn now. It has to be something really good for you coz you were the favorite of dad.
Natasha : big bro, still you will say that
Siddharth, Monica : yes dear, you were always the favorite of dad
Natasha : ok. (opens the letter)

My sweetheart Natasha

Did I ever tell you how much special you were to me? You came to my life when it was very crucial moment for me. But with you coming to me came my good luck also. You have from then on always been my lucky mascot. My career always took a leap forward with you.
Remember me asking you to say head or tail once when I was flipping the coin? Did you ever know that I was taking a big chance then? Whatever answer you have given I took it. You remember that you told head and it was so and how much ecstatic I were? That day even I felt the step was not that worthy but took it. Only because my lucky mascot predicted the correct outcome. My only regret is I do not have a picture of that moment but it was only in my mind. Your angelic voice reverberated in my ears till my last day.
But I have your picture when you were dressed as the princess for your school play. You are a princess in real life my dear. You were my princess. I sat through the whole play to see my princess dancing with her prince. I am happy that today you found your dream prince and all settled in life.
When you have started your career as an actress I watched your every movie. From a shaky actress you went on becoming one of the reigning divas. My princess truly became a princess of people.
Wish you the best princess.


Akshay : now this is new. Dad took a decision based on Natasha’s prediction.
Monica : he told it. Nat was always the “lucky mascot” for him.
Natasha : I was happy when he attended the play I did in school but never felt it was so important for him too. I love you dad.
Siddharth : hmmm. So now me only left huh?
Akshay, Monica, Natasha : yes little brother.

[Siddharth opens the letter.]


You must find this little odd that I only wrote your name without dear or other stuff unlike that in your brother and sister’s letters. It does not mean that I didn’t love you. You were to me as precious as others been.

Always I have seen a fighter in you – an undaunted spirit to overcome all the obstacles. Though you were the youngest of all yet you always tried to compete with your elder brother and sisters. Never think I did not notice it.

You were always interested in sports from your childhood. I have yours one photograph which you may even be able to recollect. Do you remember the first time you wore the jersey of your favorite team and trying to play with football in the backyard? You were so engrossed in the game you did not probably remember me taking your snaps. The blue jersey was looking so good on you. Till now I remember you shouting the name of your favorite player while throwing the ball. Do you remember now my son?

You were so different from your brother. He was sincere and responsible. You had a more care-free attitude. But always I saw when it comes to testing your abilities you have delivered the best. The last game of yours that I saw made me think of only my little 5 year old son wearing the blue jersey and trying to play in our backyard. You made me proud.

Sid, never lose belief on you. You can do the best. I love you my son.


Akshay : (taking the picture) I saw this before but never though that dad had so much attached to it.
Siddharth : never did I bro.
Monica : Sid, dad was so proud of you I can’t imagine.
Siddharth : he was great sis.
Natasha : yes Sid, he was.
Akshay : see this one. a picture of dad and mom together
[Monica takes it and flips it]
Monica : with my love who gave me the most beautiful gifts I ever received – my four children.
Akshay, Monica, Natasha, Siddharth : Love you dad and mom.