Saturday, September 12, 2009



Have you ever come across a total bitch of a roommate? If not, you don't know what is to hear squeals from next door every weekend nights. When I tried to find a roommate in New York City, where I work, all I wanted was a female roommate. I got one, but never knew that she is such a bitch when it comes to sex and party. Well, this city is the party city of the east coast. She is amazing in picking up handsome guys and having them over for a night. She never seemed to bring the same guy twice. May be relationship isn’t her thing.

Quite contrarily, on the other hand, I am the one who firmly believes in relationship. I never indulged in one-night stand and yes, still a virgin in all respect. My roomie sometimes tells me that I need a good and hot session of you-know-what. She even wanted to try for me but I always firmly said no.

So here today on a saturday night she came home at night around 11 with this guy. I knew how my sleep at night was going to be screwed while she would get screwed somewhere else.
She introduced this new guy he said, "hi Kristy meet Brian, my boyfriend."
"Yeah! I know. Tomorrow morning I won’t even see him." was my rye reply.
"No. we are dating for 3 weeks now." was Rixy’s reply.
"You and dating? Gimme a break." I told.
"You better believe sweety. Anyway, today we are in the mood. So we should be excused. Right honey?" The last words of him were pointed to Brian.
Brian was seemingly embarrassed by the way Rixy behaved. He was different than all other horny guys Rixy had brought before. Even I realized that for last four weeks Rixy did not bring any new guy but came home around midnight looking happy. May be she is dating and finally planning on settling down in a relationship. I felt a little happy. As usual, I heard kissing sounds and soft moaning from that side of the wall and drifted off to sleep. Next morning I actually did see Brian. And indeed, there was a change in Rixy too.


The week passed and came another weekend. Rixy and Brian were going to a club. Suddenly Rixy came to my room. "What are you going to do for the evening Kristy?"
"Not much. May be watching some movies on the TV." was my reply.
"Why don't you come with us to the club?"
"You know that's not my scene."
"Did I ask you to hook-up?"
"I din’t mean that." trying to be apologetic sensing she is little hurt.
"This club is a nice one where people from decent background come. No one is going to force you to do anything if you don’t want to."
"But...." She cut me off in the middle and said,"Whatever it's your wish. I thought you might enjoy. I am sorry if I did hurt you."
"Not at all Rixy. Don't get me wrong. But you know I am kinda nervous."
"I will be there with you. Brian is going to be there. So what's your problem?"
"Ok. If you insist so much I will come. Are you happy now?" I said with a little grin on my face.
"Wow! Do you know that you are a sweetheart?" With that she gave me a big hug.
Rixy always had a big heart. It was always easy to please her. She becomes happy at smaller events of life. She is still childish. And that's why I am still her roommate despite her others shortcomings.

So, here I am in the club for the first time. I did not know anyone but Rixy seems to know many of the people. It is obvious because she is more frequent here. She remained by my side all the time.
"Check around. You might get someone special."
"Rixy! I did not come here to find someone special."
"Look you fool. Your Mr. Right is not gonna come and knock on your door. Ok? You need to be out to find him."
"Ok. Now stop lecturing and go with Brian. I can take care of myself."
"Are you sure?"

Rixy went with Brian to hit the dance floor while I sat there sipping through my martini. The ambience was nice and warm. It’s not like I did not like it but was still a little nervous. But anyway, I was there enjoying the evening.

Suddenly I heard a voice. “Hope I am not interrupting.
I turned my head to see who it is. There stood Evan (though I knew the name later). It’s unnecessary to give his physical description. But this much I can tell he was the one fits my choice perfectly. For few seconds I just stared at him before I realized. After regaining consciousness I said,
Not at all.
Can I sit here with you?
Sure.” Who am I to refuse him?
Are you alone?
No with my roomie and her bf.
I am sorry to be so rude. I did not mean anything by asking whether you are alone or not.” Just like a child Evan apologized.
Hi I am Evan.
I am Kristy.
Nice to meet you.
Same here.
Do you like reading books?
Perhaps that was the last question I ever expected. I was completely bowled out.
Huh?” was all I could mutter at that moment.
I asked do you like reading books.” Evan had a mischievous grin on his face.
Yeah. I do.
Who’s your favorite author?
Not a single one specifically but it should be a worth reading.
Great. Our tastes match a little bit.
Do you have any favorite author?
Not really but I like Ernest Hemmingway’s work.
I like his style a lot. But these days I really do not get much time to read.
Among the contemporary writers do you like anyone in particular?
I like mystery plots. Sidney Sheldon and Sandra Brown are good.
Ahh!! I absolutely adore Sidney Sheldon’s work.
Now, I was little intrigued. Here I am sitting in a club with a guy who likes Ernest Hemmingway and wants to talk about his work.
Suddenly Rixy came from behind and nudged me. I turned with a little shudder.
What happened?
He is hot.” Was the first comment from Rixy.
Shut up. You are almost married now.” I retorted before Evan thinks something else about me.
So what? I can always appreciate beauty. Can’t I? I know that he won’t even mind.” Rixy was persistent.
It was only polite for me to introduce them to each other.
Hi Evan, meet my roommate Rixy. And Rixy this is Evan.

They did a formal exchange of pleasantries and Brian arrived with 3 drinks. Brian was also introduced. In fact, it was seen that Brian somehow knew Evan from before. They did an associate course together. But they only knew each other by face. Brian went to get another drink for Evan but he made a proposal which I could not refuse.
Looking at Brian and Rixy he asked, “Would you mind if I want to buy a drink for Kristy?
Rixy was too excited to the idea and just pushed me towards Evan.
Just go my dear. You won’t regret.” Her wink was too obvious.
I was turning all shades of red but deep down I wanted to be with Evan. At least I found someone who is interested in some intellectual conversations and not just something which will just lead us to bed. That was probably more intoxicating to me.
What would you like to drink?
Whatever you wish.
Ok.” I was again turning shades of red. I don’t know what got over me.
With our drinks we came out on the patio to talk. Meantime, I saw Rixy has again hit the dance floor with Brian. No doubt that Rixy is a prolific dancer. She knows how to gyrate her body. She was indeed the center of attraction. Many times I did dance in my room, but was too shy to do in front of so many prying eyes in a club. Noticing me intently watching Rixy’s dancing, Evan asked, “Do you want to dance too?
No.” I was too shy to dance in front of everyone.
Give it a try.
I am a no match to Rixy. She is a prolific one.
You too are. Just try.

I do not know what was in his words but I gathered enough courage to hit the dance floor. I could see from a distance that Rixy was staring with total bewilderedness in her eyes at me. I just winked and she slowly started approaching me. I slowly started gyrate my hips. It felt amazing. Evan was just giving an encouraging smile which was kind of a turn on for me. I never felt this way. It was all new for me. Soon Rixy joined me too. We were doing it in a kind of unison. We could see that we were surely turning heads. Anyway, I did not care somehow.

I never knew you can dance so well. It’s damn sexy.” Rixy commented.
Even I din’t know. Its Evan who is responsible.
I see. Is something brewing up?
Not anything to have him in my bed tonight.
Sweety. You are really a fool. I would have never missed the opportunity.
That’s why we are different.

Our dance was slowly becoming erotic. With the effect of alcohol I started to feel a little uninhibited. Rixy and I started to give a good show to the audience. But Brian and Evan stopped us and took us away.
“Rix. Stop it.” Brian was somehow angry I could sense.
It’s only with Kristy. No one else I am dancing with.” Rixy was defensive.
“Gimme this show at home. I would love to watch it. But not in this public place.”
I am sorry.” Rixy was almost on the verge of crying I could sense.
Rixy. I am sorry. I don’t know what got over me. I should not have done that.
Evan did not say a word until now.
I think the fault is mine. I encouraged Kristy to dance. And I guess for both of you the alcohol spoke more than you did. If you all don’t mind can we have our dinner together?
Brian saw it an opportunity to get out of the club and readily agreed. We went to a nice and quiet restaurant and had a wonderful dinner. Later Brian dropped Rixy and me. But before we parted Evan had my cell phone number in his phone book. We still have an unfinished conversation.


Sweety! You turn out to be quite an item.” Was the first comment from Rixy after we reached home.
Honey! That was not me.” I tried to defend myself.
Come on. Let’s dance here without any interruption.

I did like the idea and put on one of the CDs we had. All the songs were party songs. We both were in intoxicated state. Soon we were doing a little sluttish movement - exactly what we could not do in the club dance floor. For the first time in a while I was having a good time with Rixy.
I wish Brian was here tonight.
Call him and get him here.
He has to leave for an official tour tomorrow for 3 days and his flight is in early morning. So he cannot be with me.
Oh baby! So sad!” I could believe what I said just now. But it felt good.
Now let’s go to sleep.
Yeah. I am also feeling kinda sleepy.” Rixy said.

The Tuesday of the week was a memorable one. Around lunch time Evan called me.
Hi Kristy. What are you doing?
I am in my office.
Where is your office?
It’s NYT building.
Wow. I am there too.
What do you mean?” I should have sounded quizzical.
I work for Finance Sector of NYT.” Evan replied.
“That’s my office.” I tried to sound not too excited. But I was.
What’s your division?
I work for the graphics design division.
Would you mind if I ask you out for the lunch?
Temptation! And I am just an ordinary human being.
Why should I?
See you in 10 minutes in the main lobby.

I was little puzzled. We worked in the same building but never saw each other. But it was only me who did not see him. He did see me. We went to the Olive Garden near Times Square.
How did we have never seen each other before though working in the same building?
Who told you that?” Evan questioned me back.
What do you mean?” I was really perplexed.
I see you every day.
Why din’t you tell me that?
Just like that.
It’s not fair.
Come on Kristy. Don’t be angry with me. I must admit that I always come to the lobby when you leave for home.
How do you know when was I leaving?
You always leave at 6.30.” He had that mischievous grin on his face.
Is that the reason you followed me to the club?
To admit the truth, that day I did not follow but the moment I saw you it was something else for me.
What was that?” It surely is an event for me now. Someone craved to see me.
I don’t know but could not resist the urge to talk to you.
Thank god you did not.” I was happy inside as a little puppy but did not show much because I guess I am a born introvert.

We finished our lunch and returned to office but for the rest of the day I could not concentrate on my work much. Just the thought of Evan kept coming to my mind.

In the evening, at home, I was cooking and humming a tune. Rixy came in and was bit surprised.
What sweety? You are humming today?
Hey honey. You just can’t imagine what happened today.
Probably if it been like old times we wouldn’t be having this conversation but in fact, the day when we went to the club, brought us closer.
Evan and I work in the same building.
You must be joking.” Rixy was surely apprehensive.
We went out for lunch today.
Are you serious? Is that the reason for your humming?
May be.” I must have blushed deep red.
Wow. You are blushing sweety. This is great.

On Saturday I and Rixy decided to invite Brian and Evan at our place for dinner. It turned out such that I and Brian are for vegetarian food while Evan and Rixy prefer meat. Naturally we got a little tipsy after our dinner. The food habit was the cause of a big joke which Rixy did.
Hey sweety. Wanna swap bf’s?” She is always such naught girl.
Evan is not yet my boyfriend Rixy.
Come on. You know what you want. Don’t you?
Just shut up. Nothing is final. And for god’s sake don’t say it in front of them.
You are a big fool. If you are not going to tell him today I will tell for ya.
Please don’t my mom.” I practically pleaded.
Then you better get all these done pretty soon.” Rixy was persistent.

Anyway, when we got tipsy, Rixy took it one step forward.
Brian, that day you did not allow us to dance. But today we will.
With this she put the CD and ‘baby one more time’ by Britney Spears blared out. With both I and Rixy little drunk, we started dancing. It must been a show because both Brian and Evan were intently watching us. After some time Brian put the CD off and we were little surprised.
What happened?” Rixy asked.
“Let’s put on some romantic number.”
And he put soft instrumental. What a change! I and Rixy were tired. But Brian and Evan were not. Brian pulled up Rixy and they were doing close dancing. Their display of affection and alcohol again made me what I don’t know.
Would you mind dancing with me?” Evan surely knows how to win me.
Temptation again! And I am just an ordinary human being.
Why should I?
We started a close dance. It was surely erotic. Something I have never felt before. But this was what I was craving for. I felt what is coming up but had no intention to stop it. The moment Evan started talking to me in the club I knew he is the one for me. But today I could not believe that I wanted to break free of all the inhibitions and make him mine. Suddenly we felt that the music has stopped. It’s Rixy now.
Sweety. Would you mind playing the piano for us?
But honey, you know I can’t play it that well.
You can play anyway. I like it.
But what about the others?” I knew the answer though.
Look sweety. We all know Evan would love it. And as far as Brian is concerned he will too.
And she winked at me. I knew what she is up to.
Honey. You are a piece of work.
“Come on Kristy.” Brian joined too.
Ok. I will.

I did play almost 5 songs in a row. I myself was amazed to find that. What they did was recording my playing the piano. That made me utterly shy. This was something they should not have done; at least, not without asking me. I knew it was Rixy’s idea. And more so, she handed over the CD to Evan.
This is for you. You can keep it.” Rixy said as a matter of fact.
Thank you.” Evan quipped.
I simply stood dumbfounded not knowing how to react.


It was a busy day for me in the office. I had to do a lot of pending work. When I was finished it was almost 8 at night. Finally, I thought it’s time to go home. Just as I was about to leave my cell phone rang. The display showed its Evan.
Hey. What’s up? Still in office?” “Leaving now.” “Wanna ride?
Wait! Are you still in your office too?
Ok. Let’s meet in the lobby.
Fine by me.
Wave of pleasure swept over me. I know that it’s not long before Evan is going to be my boyfriend. Rixy was doing something about it. Often I hear Rixy and Evan talking over the phone. Once we get inside the car it was a different feeling. I have been with him many times before in the car but today it was just different.
Would you mind having dinner with me?” asked Evan.
Rixy has cooked for me.” I told, though I wanted to spend time with Evan. Damn! I am such a stupid.
Call her and ask if it’s ok with her.” Such an understanding guy he is!
I dialed Rixy’s number and she was there.
Hey sweety. Tell me.
Is it ok if I don’t have dinner at home tonight?
Is Evan with you?
Rixy had that typical naughty tone in her voice.
Yes. He asked me out for a dinner.” I knew I sounded like a teenage girl.
Go for it you fool. You don’t need my permission.
Thank you honey.
You are welcome.
I stared at Evan and said, “it’s ok.” Little did I know what a night it’s going to be. Evan drove to his apartment.
Are we having dinner at your place?
Don’t you wanna?
I am sorry. I did not mean anything.
You don’t have to be. Just come with me.
But see I am all tired from the day’s work. I really need a hot shower.
You can have it here.
But Evan…..
He cut me in the middle and said looking into my eyes,
You can have your privacy.
That was all I needed. That moment I knew if he does not tell me today I am going to. He is mine. That’s what I thought. After a shower I was more relaxed.
Would you like to have your dinner right now?
Sure. I am really hungry.
It was a delicious dinner indeed. All were vegetarian dishes. And well-made.
Shall I be fortunate enough to listen you playing piano today?” asked Evan.
I simply did not know what to say and was sitting quietly.
You did not answer my question.
I don’t know what to say. May be.
That’s enough for me.” How can one be so considerate?
After we had our sumptuous dinner it’s the time I thought.
Shall we sit by the window?” The city is full of sky-scrapers and Evan’s apartment is in one of the upper floors. The magnificent view of the whole city took my breath away. It’s glittering – both above and on ground. The sky is studded with stars. Perfect – again I thought to myself.
I am waiting.” uttered Evan as he took a seat.
I took a deep breath and started. It created the mood. He seemed to be transformed to another world. And believe me, I was too. It was such an intense sensation which I never felt. Ever slowly Evan came and hugged me close to him as we sat by the window. After some time I could not take it anymore. I stopped and looked into his eyes.
Evan. I want to tell you something.” My voice was cracking.
Shhh. You need not Kristy. I know what you want to.” He placed my hand on his chest. I could feel his heart-beat. “What you want, me too. There is no need to say it.
Sitting on his lap, wrapped up in his warm embrace I found what I was searching for.
“My LOVE”.